My Personal Creed

My Creed
I believe people are the heart of an organization. Their actions make a difference. I believe I must find ways to build confidence in individuals allowing them to capture their potential. All people need encouragement and feedback tempting them to take risks and create innovation. No one wishes to fail, each of us strives to succeed and I need to be available to provide the support that is needed at the moment. People are motivated by their hearts and commit when they understand what they are doing. I believe no program can replace the value of the people who deliver it.

I believe that knowledge is created by understanding a variety of perspectives. Learning is not an event but a life-long journey. Vague signals will surround me indicating what lies ahead. As a leader I must notice these signals, striving to learn by listening deeply and watching closely. I will see challenges as adventure, fueling the quest for knowledge.

I believe differences in an organization are necessary. To be forward thinking, I must seek differences and embrace the perspectives offered. By appreciating the diversity within my organization, I will find ways to support and extend our vision by tapping into the potential around me.

I believe I serve as a role model exemplifying the qualities I expect from others. I value and appreciate hard work in myself and others. Honesty is the only way to develop trust and respect so I must be true to myself and others. Laughter is important, I will never forget to laugh with people and most importantly I will never stop laughing at myself. Balance is essential; therefore I will not put my job ahead of my family. I choose to lead because I can make a difference.



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