About Me


I am currently the Associate Principal at a K-4 campus with Foundations for the Future Charter Academy.  I have had many diverse learning opportunities in my teaching career and feel passionate about serving people.

Over the course of my 30 plus years in education I have had the privilege of working in rural schools and urban schools.  I have taught at all levels of learning in public education and have yet to land on my favourite.  I have been both a classroom teacher and a specialist and I see the value of both.  I have been lucky enough to delve into some topics of interest with colleagues and have presented our thoughts at different conferences.  Topics that I have investigated are creating professional learning communities that impact student learning, designing individualized programs to include students with diverse needs in the community, assessment and literacy.  Truly what my journey has taught me is that each moment matters, and it is the collection of  these moments that has led me to where I am today.   My attempt to blog about where I am is something new.  I am hoping that through a more intentional reflective practice I can be more effective as a leader and gain even more satisfaction from the best job in the world.


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